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10:30pm 22/06/2009
  I got the job!

My last day at the branch is July 3, then on the 6th I start training up at Easton. The training is 8 weeks, 10am - 7pm M-F. After that my schedule is MTWF 1:30pm - 10pm, and Saturdays 8-5pm. Also, I found out today that the job comes with a $1.15/hour pay raise, not to mention that it's full time (instead of part time, which I've been working). I'm excited!!! =)

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Errrryone else is doin' it.   
12:28am 21/06/2009
  So I thought I'd update on my life lately, since everyone else seems to be. lol

Things are going pretty darn swell. Life has been treating me nicely lately, and I'm pretty stoked about that. This weekend was great. Tracy and I spent it celebrating her 23rd birthday in style - we had VIP tables at Sugar Bar in the arena district (thanks to the homie hookup she had from a guy at work). So we danced the night away, of course. When we got there, we saw that Friday night (the night we went out) was also supposed to be Sugar's "Vintage Lingerie and Swimsuit Fashion Show." We weren't thrilled by it, but didn't really think much of it. Well, near the end of the night, the music starts and the announce that it's time for the show. I went into the main room to see what it was all about - I mean hey, vintage stuff is cool. Well, much to my surprise, Sugar's idea of "vintage lingerie" is just naked women covered in body paint, prancing around and dancing. Needless to say, it was an awesome night.

Tonight we spent the day putzing around, shopping and whatnot. Then we hit up a toga party - my second one ever. I dressed in a Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" toga - blue checked fabric, pigtails, and OF COURSE red stilettos. It was a hit. After that we decided to wear out togas out to one of the SCG bars, McFadden's, but recieved a surprising lack of comments. We did, however, get our picture taken for U Weekly Magazine. I'll post the link when they put the pic up. ;)

In other news, I'm up for a new position at work. It is in the customer service call center at our Easton office (the big ass Huntington building you see when driving up 270). It would be a full time position (as opposed to my current part time position), with a slight pay raise. I'm pretty excited, but also don't want to get my hopes up too much. I find out on Monday whether I got the job or not, so I'll keep everyone posted.

Pending the new job, Tracy and I are planning a move to the Easton / Westerville / Gahanna area. We've been apartment hunting and have found some realllllly nice places at pretty reasonable prices around there. I'm pretty excited to have my own place again, and we have big plans for decorating, etc. I'm starting to feel like an actual grown up!!! So weird.

Well, my eyes are going blurry from a combination of tiredness, old contacts, and staring at the computer. So I'm off to bed...or possibly watch "Run, Fatboy, Run" lol

Hope everyone is doing well. I'd love to hear what everyone's been up to. =)

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I miss everyone.   
07:11pm 19/05/2009
  I think we should try to have a hangout soon-ish. Even if it's just hanging out, watching movies and playing cards / board games. I just miss all of your beautiful faces. =)  

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10:33pm 03/03/2009
  I have to write a paper for my personality of psychology class this week analyzing the personality of a TV or movie character. But I cannot think of who to use! Can you guys think of any TV or movie character I could use, preferably someone interesting.


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Writer's Block: You Wouldn't Understand   
12:58am 29/01/2009
Almost everyone coins or uses expressions that make sense to only a few people. What word or phrase do you use most often that you have to explain the meaning of to others?
"'Prish, brah."  I picked it up from a waiter in California and have been explaining what it means to people ever since.

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The free iPersonic Personality Test   
04:34pm 27/01/2009
  Take the free personality test!  

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10:23pm 29/12/2008
  2009, hurry up and get here!!!  

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Writer's Block: Nature Gone Wild   
12:19pm 13/11/2008
Field mice always sleep facing northwest. Kangaroos can't walk backwards. Female hyenas have penises. Let's face it, nature is weird. What's the strangest thing you know about the animal kingdom?
Dogs can't look up.


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Writer's Block: Cryptozoology   
10:12am 21/10/2008
Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, el chupacabra—what is your favorite creature that may or may not exist?
Nessie has always been my homegirl. I so wanna meet her someday. =)

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08:54pm 23/09/2008
  Well, tomorrow marks the beginning of my senior year of college. (Hold for Applause) I'm excited to finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, it's going to be a tough quarter. I'm taking 20 credits (3rd level German, Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships, Psychology of Basic Perception, and Memory and Cognition), and will be working 20 hours a week. The way my classes are set up, along with the distance from campus to my actual work/parking garage, will leave me constantly running all over campus like a crazy person. However, I'm hoping that all this running, in addition to simply not having time to eat, will lead to a magnitude of weight loss this quarter. I'm hoping a lot of it happens this month because I ordered my Halloween costume tonight and it is freakin' hot. If I can just lose like 10 pounds by Halloween, it'll be even hotter. Yay. =)

It seems like this is going to be a fun and busy season, even without all the school and work madness. Of course, Fall is my very favorite time of year. What's not to love? Halloween, my birthday, Pumpkin Show, three days of no class/no work in November...it's all lovely. Especially when you factor in the crisp nights, the changing colors of the leaves, and the indescribable scent in the air that tells you it's autumn. How is it that every season has a smell? Does that make sense? I can't wait for the first morning I walk outside and smell fall in the air...

Life has been good lately, overall. I'm coming off a bit of a low spell, but I've learned a lot about myself in the past few weeks, and made peace with a few things, as well. I'm also really excited because I've actually been able to put about $200.00 a month into my savings, and it's adding up nicely. I want to take a vacation. Christmas break is from December 11 to January 5... Where should I go? I'd love to go somewhere new, that I've never been, and preferably warm, as by that time I'll already be sick of winter. Hmm.

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Writer's Block: Over-the-Top Metaphors   
05:10pm 17/09/2008
Detective stories are stereotypically full of over-the-top metaphors: "The villain's hand stroked the cat the way his sins stroked his black soul. His voice, rough as the city's nighttime streets and twice as terrifying, barked orders to his lackeys. They scattered like parents who just realized they forgot to pick up a child from school." Write a short scene using some of your own extreme metaphors and similes.
The children's horrible laughter echoed like the screams of howler monkeys in the deepest jungle. They circled little Jimbo like piranhas in the mighty Amazon. Chanting in the forgotten language of generations of iron-blooded hellspawn, they pointed at him, Their fingers, sharp and focused, were the compass and poor Jimbo was North. Jimbo writhed on the ground, his mouth gaping in the manner of a carp left out of water for too long. The wet circle of urine and shame stealthily creeped across the front of his denim shorts, slowly as the sun breaking over the horizon, but not nearly as beautiful. Crying tears containing millions of salt molecules and gallons of despair, he got to his feet and ran home, flailing his arms in front of him like limp spaghetti noodles. The children's mission was accomplished, but there was no time to spare. Like a herd of wild cheetahs, they were on the prowl for their next unsuspecting victim...

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Question for my fellow Ren-Fest Goers   
10:54am 14/09/2008
  Does anyone recall seeing Claddagh rings at any of the vendors at the RenFest? I've been wanting one and it seems like they would have them. I should've just bought one at the Dublin Irish Fest when I was there, but I was too poor. =( So anyway, let me know! Thanks!  

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"She Amazed Me"   
03:26pm 11/09/2008
  I may have posted this before...but I still love it. Basically people just wrote in random ass lyrics and this guy made a song of them. It's strangely catchy...


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06:46pm 10/09/2008


I'm trying to go live with my lil psuedo bakery starting next week. By that I mean, handing out business cards, putting up flyers, attempting to advertise, etc. But before I do that, I need to figure out a name. Preferably I'd like one that's clever, but not cheesy, easy to remember, and nothing using alliteration (ex. Kalee's Kakes, etc.). I know you guys are creative people, help a sista out.

Any ideas are appreciated, serious or silly. And, uh, if I use a name you came up with you get a free cake! =)

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A Good Woman   
04:24pm 01/09/2008
  I recieved this in an email a couple years ago. Some of you may have seen it already, but I think it's worth reading again. I think that we, as women, often get stressed out because we feel we have no control over our circumstances. We worry that things won't work out the way we've planned, or that even though we're doing our best, it's just not good enough. I think that often we feel that because of our sex, we have to be demure, accomodating, and meek.  Although these feelings can be overwhelming, I think it's important for us to remember just how strong, capable, and amazing we can be because of our gender, not despite it.

*   *   *

A good woman is proud of herself. She respects herself and others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks definition from the person she is with, or does she expect them to read her mind. She is quite capable of articulating her needs.

A good woman is hopeful. She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true. She knows love, therefore she gives love. She recognizes that her love has great value and must be reciprocated. If her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears.

A good woman has a dash of inspiration, a dabble of endurance. She knows that she will, at times, have to inspire others to reach the potential God gave them.

A good woman knows her past, understands her present and moves toward the future.

A good woman knows God. She knows that with God the world is her playground, but without God she will just be played.

A good woman does not live in fear of the future because of her past. Instead, she understands that her life experiences are merely lessons, meant to bring her closer to self knowledge and unconditional self love.

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Dare I say it?   
11:49pm 21/08/2008

Life is actually going really well. 



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07:23pm 07/08/2008
   "Maybe it meant something.  Maybe not, in the long run . . . but no explanation, no mix or words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant . . ."  

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The most incredible video ever...   
10:33pm 06/08/2008
I think this video is beautiful. Really inspirational, it shows the power of love and friendship. Watch and enjoy. 


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Writer's Block: Last Call   
04:06pm 27/07/2008
You are on a plane that's about to crash. You have time to make ONE phone call. Who do you call and what do you say?
 This makes me think of 9/11. Sad. 

Of course I would call my mother. And tell her I love her, and thank you for being my mom, and if my brother wasn't around for me to talk to, I'd tell her to give him my love, too. 

Aw, this makes me want to cry. =(

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I love the Gilmore Girls   
05:22pm 18/07/2008
Paris: "What if I fall for him and he isn't right for me?"

Rory: "Then you meet someone else."

Paris: "What if there is no one else?"

Rory: "Then you buy some cats."


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